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Computers, Office Machines and Stationeries

Besides cash, Africans In America, Inc. accepts any and all types of suitable products/assets donations for our office and clients’ use. Products/assets include but not limited to; computers, parts & accessories, laptops, office machineries and equipments such as photocopying machines, fax machines, typewriters, stationeries and other office equipments.

In addition to corporate donations of PC, laptop and Mac computers, photocopiers, fax and typewriters, Africans In America, Inc. accepts the donation of individual computers and laptops. AIA appreciates any software, manuals, documentation you might have for the equipments or its maintenance history.

We prefer Pentium class computers, keyboard, mouse, and any installed ethernet cards or modems. We will also be delighted to receive laptops and Macs - as long as they are working and can be connected to the Internet. (AIA do not accept 486s or monitors that are pre-1995). The computers/monitors need to have this information on the back: Power 110/220 volts.

We also seek ethernet cards, CD ROM peripherals, software, faxes, scanners, digital cameras, working hard drives, network switches, routers, hubs, LCD projectors, UPSes (Uninterrupted Power Supply), etc.

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