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Invitation For Sponsors

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Africans In America, Inc., we are pleased to invite you to become a key sponsor of any of our events, projects or issue items. 

As a sponsor, your organization will be afforded a unique opportunity to engage the larger African community in Diaspora at a time and place where its constituents are eager and able to partner with you and other local and international investors to further enhance opportunities and socio-economic development.

The immigrant African community population is conservatively estimated at over 10 million in United States alone.

Our Community Forum has brought together friends of Africa, international relief agencies, media executives and personnel, members of the diplomatic corps, human rights activists, community leaders, religious leaders, professional and community associations, business leaders and national celebrities from various corners of the world.

Information developed at the forum is circulated widely and read by millions around the globe.

The general theme for our forum is: Community Awareness & Empowerment Forum: Raising The Awareness Of African Community. Our major goal is to share information and identify best way to do the following:

(a) Empower the African community in the United States, as well as those in the continent

(b) Socio-economic adjustment towards becoming part of the American dream

(c) Foster inter-community/system interaction and dynamics

(d) Find ways to become part of solution to socio-economic problems in the African continent

(e) Successful practices for corporate social responsibility (addressing social problem by giving directly to result oriented grass root service organizations)

(f) Opportunity to reach larger and upward mobile African community.

We believe that your participation in our events and projects will not only result in significant value to your organization. It will be a historic occasion where the leaders of African communities, corporate leaders, and friends of Africa will come together to carve out a path that will take the interaction to the next level of partnership.


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