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Intent to Launch
Progressive Aggressive African Community Newspaper
in New York, USA

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Sometime in 2001, noticing re-incarnation of African slavery in form of human trafficking in New York area, and noticing there was no agency or organization dedicated to addressing the complex surrounding issues, we were urged to set up an organization committed to addressing the scourge and ‘boom’: Africans In America, Inc. was formed. The rest is history!!!

Sometime in 2006, noticing that most Nigerian online news outfits at that time were not interested in addressing issues of massive corruption of Nigerian leaders, rather, most were actually offering their sites to praise-singing and laundering the image of fraudsters robbing the treasury-silly.

Therefore, when a certain young man called upon us to consult and organize an event to launch an aggressive and fearless online news outfit dedicated to exposing corruption of Nigerian government officials, we went into action and ‘bang’: was launched under our auspices on Saturday, February 18, 2006 at Empire State Building, New York City. Again, the rest is history!!!

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Currently, we notice that most African community newspapers in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) are not primarily committed to addressing issues of vital interest to various African communities. Rather, most of them are actually more interested in being ‘politically correct’, rendering their papers to praise-singing for fees, vane stuff and in the process leave out addressing critical issues that matter most to our communities.

We have also noticed that most African community newspapers in New York are more interested in generating revenue for themselves than addressing vital issues which would foster social change for betterment of African immigrant communities in United States.

Recently, we have again been called upon to research and assist in establishment of African community newspaper that will simply enlighten, inform, educate and report facts (news and events) fearlessly regardless of borders and frontiers with view to socially engineer progressive change. A newspaper that will cover issues affecting African immigrants throughout United States of America, a newspaper all Africans in United States will call their voice.

And, this is another call we are taking very serious.

Invitation to Investors/Sponsors:

At this moment, we are calling on individuals and corporations interested in investing and sponsoring a progressive African community newspaper in New York that will aggressively and fearlessly enlighten, inform, educate and report factual news on our community to contact us for serious discussion. Research on this project has advanced and continuing.

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For some ‘doubting Thomas’ out there, that may be wondering whether we actually launched, this one is for you:

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